Welcome to the Samoyed Breed Council website, a site aimed at everyone involved in the world of the Samoyed.
The Breed Council is made up of 2 representatives from each of the U.K. breed clubs. The Kennel Club Breed Liaison Officer, elected by the breed clubs for a three year term, acts as Chairman of the Council.

The objectives of the Breed Council are to maintain the Samoyed breed in accordance with the Breed Standard approved by the Kennel Club, and to encourage the use of the agreed Code of Ethics. To co-ordinate all aspects and activities of the Samoyed breed clubs for the improvement and protection of the breed, and also education for those interested in the breed.

Judges training seminars and assessments are organized periodically.
Our next Breed Specific Judges Assessment day is to be held on 14 April 2018
See ‘Events’ page.

The breed Health Officer collates information from the Cause of Death forms submitted to her from owners. We would urge all owners to complete this form. An annual health form is also currently being developed.
Health Survey – please help by filling in this survey if your samoyed (uk only) has had any health issues.
See ‘Health’ page.

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Samoyed Breed Liaison Officer
Mr Graham Fremlin
Email: grahamfremlin@btinternet.com

Samoyed Association
Secretary : Miss A. Haffenden
Email: avishaffenden@hotmail.com

British Samoyed Club
Secretary:Mr N. Robinson

Northern Samoyed Society
Secretary: Mr G.Fremlin
Email: grahamfremlin@btinternet.com

Samoyed Breeders and Owners League
Secretary: Mrs P. Lepley
Email: lepleyp@hotmail.com

Health Officer – Mrs S. Brownlie-Sykes