As a breed we are extremely lucky to have Serena Brownlie-Sykes as our Health Rep.

Not only is she passionate about Sams she is also passionate about their Health and for a number of years now, she has been collating stats from the ‘Samoyed Cause of Death /Illness Forms’  . Incidentally, the information is sent ‘anonymously’ if anyone had any concerns.

Serena’s latest report, which can be viewed or downloaded from the Downloads page, makes for interesting reading and it’s nice to know that, although there are some quite traumatic illnesses for some dogs , they don’t appear to be  endemic – or are they?

The more of you who submit the ‘Samoyed Cause of Death /Illness Form’, the more information can be collated and, hopefully, any ‘trends’ picked up earlier than would otherwise be the case.  The recent progress in DNA testing for illness/disease in dogs gives hope that any major issues could be investigated and tests devised where breeders could have guidance on which dogs or bitches may not be suitable for breeding.

Sams are a long lived breed and the downside to this is that when we lose them, the effect on us is even more devastating. But, I would like to gently encourage you to complete the form/s, when you feel up to it.

I think the best way of summing this up is to quote from Serena’s report.

“I suspect that many Samoyeds die of “old age” and general debility, and their cause of death is not reported because it is not deemed “interesting”.  However it would be nice if people did report it because it would give us an idea  what percentage of the breed lives to a ripe old age with few problems.”

We would urge all owners to complete this form which can be downloaded from the Downloads page . Alternatively the form can be completed on-line by clicking HERE.

We are currently in the process of collating information on the health of the Samoyed in the UK and we would appreciate any input on any health issue (including whelping), which you have encountered in the past or at the present time.

We would like to ask owners to complete an online form, which is submitted anonymously, about all their samoyeds. The form will go directly to our Health Officer who will monitor the information.

The form can be found HERE.